“It’s not in your time, it’s in the right time” -Brad Romig

This quote was given by a Co-Lead Facilitator of the LeaderShape Institute which I had the privilege of attending in Panama City Beach earlier this month. I always questioned “why hasn’t so and so happened yet?” but this quote put everything into hindsight that things won’t happen when I want them to happen, but they will happen when they should. My dear friends do not feel like a failure because someone else is successful and you’re not yet successful.

Take this quote with you wherever you go and know that your time will come!


Always be yourself. Retain individuality. -Marilyn Monroe

I think this may be my favorite Marilyn Monroe quote. One thing you should always try to be is a better version of yourself. You cannot live your life hoping to be like someone else because that someone else is probably wondering why they’re not like someone else. You never know how much the person you wish to be, is going through.

Remember: People will only show you what they want you to see.

If you have time to wish to be someone else, you have time to stop and express gratitude for who you are and the mere fact that you are able to breathe.

Wishing to be someone else?

Do what I did, strike the thought out of your mind.

Be yourself. Love yourself. Be true to yourself.