Blog Creation

I have been trying to create a blog for a very long time. I have thought about the process, I have started the process BUT I got stuck in the process. My biggest challenge was finding a name for my blog. I thought, I asked the people closest to me, I googled but still, I found nothing meaningful. Nothing that wowed me. I took a few days to think. Those days turned into weeks. Those weeks turned into months. In the midst of the 6th month, I still realized that “wow! I still have no name for my blog”. I decided that if I was ever going to take this step, I’d have to be serious, dedicated and focused. I told myself that I waited way too long so I thought about myself, my current standing, people around me, my past, my future, my likes/dislikes and with over 20 possible blog names, I was still nothing short of CONFUSED.


Fast forward to March 2nd, 2018, I decided to go with the blog name that stood out most to me; Uzually Plural. The reason for my choice is almost as simple as it sounds but with a bit more complexity. Let’s start with ‘Uzually. The word itself basically means under normal conditions or generally. The ‘z’ replacement for the ‘s’ is in relation with my preferred name being Zoey. Now, on to ‘Plural’. Ooou, more than one, many, a lot……… YES! But, more than one what? A lot of what? Many what? Well, for me, it’s a lot of trials, failures, successes and experiences. Uzually Plural is near and dear to me because at my age, I have experienced a lot, done a lot, learnt a lot and I am always carrying tasks (even when I think I’m not). I am never just chilling.