~ S T R E S S ~

It's definitely been a while, a long while.   As the semester comes closer and closer to its' end, there's more "stress". According to colleagues, apparently I have this "look" of being stressed when I have a lot to get done (exams to study for, papers to write, life to balance, etc.). The thing is, [...]


For the past few weeks, I've been sharing with my partner how happy I am. You might be thinking "yea, he should make you happy!", and he does but that's not just it. When you're genuinely happy, it has to be with all aspects of your life and sometimes one aspect ruins all the others. [...]


Days of resume building and frequent visits to the Career Center Weeks of researching companies Months of filling out applications Multiple information sessions Frequent store visits for professional wear . . . . . . . . . . Few interviews . . . . "Was it really worth it?", you might ask.   After [...]

Childhood Memory

Growing up on a little island, Jamaica, I have definitely had some tough times. What's funny is, now I look back and laugh. Although I understand the classification of "tough times" and many would consider my childhood "tough" or filled with "hardships", I consider my childhood the best phase of my life. I am grateful [...]

Week Before Spring Break

So, it's that time of the year. The time when college students forget about reputation and focus more on their short-term happiness. Spring Break is coming up and even in the library, all you hear is people making plans for Spring Break. Unfortunately, I can't make plans for Spring Break because not only do I [...]

Giveaway Spiel

I will be giving away prizes at certain accomplishments so my followers can live in the moment with me. Stay tuned, the first winner could be you! There will not be a standard giveaway as I understand my followers will all be different, therefore, giveaways will be tailored.


Obtained a degree but still an undergraduate? Feeling like the school life never ends? Always have some studying to do? Homework, papers, discussions and projects EVERY week? Binge studying instead of binge watching? Missing your favorite TV shows? An endless dissertation? Endless research? I CAN RELATE! Regardless of how studious you are, you can relate... [...]