About Me

Hi all!


I am Dameisha Dacosta, preferably called Zoey. I am from Jamaica (born and raised #876). I recently graduated from Broward College with an Associate’s of Arts in Actuarial Science and now I am on the journey of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Management (the transition will be told in a College Life post). I am currently classified as a senior but technically I’m a junior, I just have a ton of credits. My hobbies are: dancing, listening to music, cooking, driving, volunteering and learning. This blog will have my life in and around it as though I intend to share every aspect with you all. Despite that, I will take any suggestions you may have so definitely feel free to make a proposal! You will journey with me as I continue life and will be informed about experiences from the past.



As time progresses, more will be known. `xo