~ S T R E S S ~

It’s definitely been a while, a long while.


As the semester comes closer and closer to its’ end, there’s more “stress“. According to colleagues, apparently I have this “look” of being stressed when I have a lot to get done (exams to study for, papers to write, life to balance, etc.). The thing is, what people don’t know is that I almost never get consumed with stressing.


Yes, stress is inescapable



but can be coped with.


My philosophy on stress is that when you stress, you get consumed stressing that you do nothing else but stress which does nothing but causes more stress.


A lot of “stress” usage, I know!


Is stress really the problem?


I think not but the problem is more that of how we handle/cope with stress.


It only goes to say, control your stress! If you’re anything like me, you want to be on you’re A+ game at all times and that can be hard but just manage your time wisely and cope with all that there is to cope with.  There’s absolutely no doubt that prolonged, severe stress can ultimately cause major health problems. However, in contrast, stress can actually serve as a foundation for motivation. If you use it as motivation, more power to you. If otherwise, consider my tip below.


Tip: Whenever you’re about to stress or overwhelm yourself, whisper these words “I have control over this!” You can also listen to calm/soothing music (I repeat, CALM/SOOTHING).







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