For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing with my partner how happy I am. You might be thinking “yea, he should make you happy!”, and he does but that’s not just it. When you’re genuinely happy, it has to be with all aspects of your life and sometimes one aspect ruins all the others.


I took a few days to think and wonder as to why I am so happy.

I evaluated my life in all aspects and I thought to myself “what changed?



it’s not job offers, not opportunities, not materialistic additions.



It’s simply this



I’ve recently ended “relationships” and I thought to myself how burdening it can be holding on to absolutely nothing. It’s like you’re waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting to see potential change but at some point, you MUST realize that not everyone you think should be in your circle actually deserves to be.


If your relationship with someone is filled with unnecessary drama, constant disagreements and just individuality rather than mutuality, END IT!


I cannot possibly stress it enough that toxicity is exactly what it is, TOXIC! You cannot be happy if you constantly have barriers blocking your happiness. You must know that the problem in your life won’t admit to being what it is, a problem! It will just remain a problem because that’s it’s sole purpose.


You have to change that!

It’s your life, you MUST take control


I strongly believe that people come in your life for a reason, season or a lesson. If the reason isn’t valid, let them go. If the season is coming to an end, don’t try to extend it. If the lesson is already learnt, carry on.

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