Days of resume building and frequent visits to the Career Center

Weeks of researching companies

Months of filling out applications

Multiple information sessions

Frequent store visits for professional wear











Few interviews





Was it really worth it?“, you might ask.


After several no responses to applications or emails that start with “unfortunately” after an interview, when do you stop? When does it simply become overwhelming and discouraging?



Do not let your failures or an employer’s choice discourage you!

Always use them as motivation, regardless of what the situation may be!


I knew I needed an internship, I know how important it is to obtain an internship during your college term but I also knew how competitive it was to get one. I started out saying “I don’t want any unpaid internship!


 “I’m all about the money, like bruk life neva know mi!” -Earlan Bartley aka Alkaline


But I had to do a reality check and realize that everyone had the same thought as I did about wanting a paid internship so what sets me apart from them? I know my capabilities, my experiences and my skills but could an employer view anyone else’s better than mine? Is the money more important than the experience? Will the money be worth the experience?


Money is temporary. Experience is for a lifetime

The money you get from an internship will NOT last for your entire lifetime

The experience will


With all those concerns in my mind, I took time to reflect within myself and realize what my true capabilities are and things that can make me stand out among the candidacy for the position and you can bet I incorporated results of that self reflection in interviews, cover letters, essay questions, and just the application process itself, etc.



I say all that to say this



The past week has been nothing short of WONDERFUL!


“Why was it wonderful?”, you might ask.


Well, it just doesn’t get any better than getting two (2) job offers.




The world’s most valuable brand and third ranked on Fortune 500



The second-largest pharmacy store chain in the United States






One thing we must understand is that money is NOT all! You might think I got a paid internship so who am I to be saying this…. Although I got a paid internship, I applied for unpaid internships because I am more interested in the experience rather than the money. Yes, we’re college students, we’re poor and we have bills to pay but if you only want to work for a company because they’re paying you XYZ then your intentions may be wrong and you may be settling for the bare minimum experience because it’s paid versus getting an experience that you can take with you to other jobs, that can decorate graduate school applications or just simply build you as an individual.




  • help with landing an internship?
  • advise?
  • general questions answered?

………..just want to talk?

Feel free to send me a message!

Note: 12-24 hours response time

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