Week Before Spring Break

So, it’s that time of the year. The time when college students forget about reputation and focus more on their short-term happiness. Spring Break is coming up and even in the library, all you hear is people making plans for Spring Break. Unfortunately, I can’t make plans for Spring Break because not only do I work throughout Spring Break but I also have exams prior (this week) and subsequent. For those who don’t know what Spring Break is, it’s that time of the school year when college students go ……….


W I L D!


To those traveling for Spring Break: Travel safely

To those drinking over Spring Break: Drink responsibly (ALWAYS have a designated driver – Drive sober or get pulled over!)

To those planning to party everyday: Party safely, spend responsibly and remember self-care

To those who have nothing planned: Do something that will make you happy.

Whatever you do, be safe and financially cautious. After Spring Break, you still have to pay your rent, pay for transportation (or gas), buy groceries, etc.

Please remember that reputation as a college student is everything. Don’t, I repeat, DO NOT be that ridiculously drunk kid at a party that your future interviewer for that Fortune 500 company just so happens to be at.


Be mindful of your health, behavior and surroundings!

Have a great Spring Break!



Side Note: I’m currently at the library! #WhatIsSleep?






One thought on “Week Before Spring Break

  1. Great advice daughter! Interesting insight. Always remember, every successful person missed the festivities of many Spring Breaks. There will be many Spring Breaks and you’ll be able to have endless fun because you’ll be able to afford your planned venue. Love you darling…


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