The Beginning of a New Journey

Thanks for joining me! I am extremely excited about yet another journey. I am grateful for those of you that will embark on this journey with me. My goal is to make this as relatable as possible by sharing my experiences as a college student, an obstacle battler and young adult. I will be sharing life, school and relationship experiences with hopes of teaching, relating or comforting.


Welcome to my life!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. -Lao Tzu


2 thoughts on “The Beginning of a New Journey

  1. It’s 2:41 am and I’ve taken up interest in reading your blogs for some reason. I always saw greatness and dedication in you and even though I never stuck around to help you discover yourself, I’m happy you were able to find your strength in your weakest times. I don’t know how many people you’ve made proud in your lifetime, but as I watch your life blossom from the shadows, I smile because Ik you’re being the best version of yourself. Continue being great, you are a treasure ❤️


  2. I guess my previous comment never made its way to the forum, so I guess I’ll have to compose a new one as I refuse to sit back and not have you know how proud I am of you. I’m completely disappointed in myself for not sticking with you through your journey to discovering yourself, as I always saw the dedication for success in you. I may no longer be a part of your story but as I secretly watch your success from the shadows on the sidelines, I want you to know that I am truly proud of who you’ve become and I will continue being proud of you even in your weakest moments. You are a magnificent woman who will have her success soon.


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